Organizational Structure

Core leaders
    Director: Miao Xiaobo
    Deputy-Directors: Duan Zhigang, Weng Tao

Division of labor of leaders
    Miao Xiaobo is in charge of overall work of Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Innovation Service Center (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”).
    Duan Zhigang is in charge of Innovative Development Department and Entrepreneur Service Department.
    Weng Tao is responsible for the General Department and Public Platform Department and assists Miao Xiaobo in taking charge of financial work.

Names and functions of internal working organs
    (1)    General Department: It is responsible for organs’ daily operations such as targeting, messages, confidentiality, accounting, finance, personnel, discipline inspection, administrative effectiveness, publicity, information and archives; takes charge of its own party construction, the party construction of labor union and parks under the jurisdiction of the Center, and daily administration of enterprise unite union; and assumes assets management, property service, safety production, logistical support, etc. of the Innovation and Startup Center.
    (2)    Innovative Development Department: It is responsible for development planning, policies and regulations, the large incubation system, etc.; and leads to implement projects such as the maker and geek innovation and startup, large-scale enterprises leading in innovation and startup, education institution-local military-local residents collaborative innovation and startup, and open innovation and startup under international cooperation. It also takes charge of the following: Transformation of scientific and technological achievements and relevant services; incubator identification, appraisal, evaluation, management personnel training, statistical work of economic indicators, etc.; statistical work of scientific and ethnological SMEs; and drawing up preferential policies of the platform for scientific and technological start-up and innovation enterprises, and managing special funds of startup incubation and innovative entrepreneurial carriers in Hi-Tech Zone.
    (3)    Entrepreneur Service Department: It introduces, cultivates and serves innovative and start-up enterprises, projects and talents as well as innovation and startup carriers; is responsible for the work of China Chengdu Overseas Scholars Pioneering Park, China Chengdu Doctorate Pioneering Park, Overseas High-level Talents Innovation and Startup Base and China University Students Pioneer Park (Chengdu); organizes all kinds of scientific and technological SMEs to declare national, provincial, municipal, district-level and other projects; and organizes high-level talents to declare national, provincial, municipal, district-level and other projects.
    (4)    Public Platform Department: It builds the innovation and startup service system of Hi-Tech Zone and manages special funds for public technology platforms in Hi-Tech Zone; assumes the responsibility of Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Public Technology Platform Service Center; and coordinates the construction and operation of government-invested public technology service platform systems, the integration of social platform resources, the operation and maintenance of Tianfu Innovation and Startup Network, etc. It is also responsible for developing and managing the incubated enterprise information platform of Hi-Tech Zone, as well as operating and managing Chengdu National Integrated Circuit Design Industrialization Base for Modern Service Industry, Chengdu National Software Industrialization Base for Modern Service Industry, Sichuan Integrated Circuit Design Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance and Chengdu Major Technology Platform.